Director, President & CEO

Brian Fagan has over 35-years of hands-on experience in all aspects of the mineral exploration sector and related securities business. Moving from Rhode Island, USA, to Vancouver, BC, with his wife and three young children in the early seventies, he immediately went to work in the securities business as a desk trader. In a very short-time-span, he advanced from desk trader, to floor trader, to Registered Representative, to Managing Director of a local Vancouver based Brokerage Firm. While still Registered, he brought his first mineral exploration company public on the former Vancouver Stock Exchange (VSE). Shortly after that, he resigned from all his security company registrations and positions to concentrate on forming and managing public mineral exploration companies. During the following years he formed, financed, and managed three additional exploration companies through the facilities of the former VSE. Publicly and privately, he has operated and/or managed successful mineral property acquisition/exploration programs in Canada, United States, Mexico, and Argentina. In 1995, Brian launched The Fagan Report (TFR) a subscription based newsletter concentrating on Canadian listed resource companies. During the fifteen-year continuous publication of The Fagan Report, he was a sought-after speaker and commentator at major resource investment conferences, radio, TV, and financial publications. Brian currently publishes a complimentary online Digest, An International Forum for Stock Speculators.


Director and Chairman

Johan Grandin is a well experienced mineral exploration financier and exploration company executive. Working with public companies for over 25-years, Johan has a proven track record of raising venture capital as well as extensive expertise in corporate financial restructuring and capital markets. Through his past officer and director positions for various public issuers, he has the knowhow to streamline growth initiatives and increase shareholder value., Johan holds a M.Sc. degree in Business Economics and Engineering Physics from Uppsala University, Sweden.



Mark is a graduate of the Department of Geology, University of Windsor (Honours B.Sc. in geology and a M.Sc. in geophysics and geochemistry). Subsequently he received a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Scholarship and completed a Ph.D. in Exploration Geochemistry. During his 40+ year career he has worked for a variety of junior and major mining exploration companies. He has received the Provincial Geologists gold medal, Canadian national award for excellence in geosciences.



Michael Blanchard is a seasoned Digital Marketing executive with a focus on market penetration, online lead generation, increased investor engagement and interaction, effective social media, and mobile device presence. Previously a managing partner of WSI, the world’s largest Digital Marketing agency, he is Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certified. He has worked with business leaders and entrepreneurs across Canada to cost effectively unlock the full potential of the Internet through innovative digital marketing. Michael is creating a digital platform that will enable iMetal to exponentially increase its ability to deliver its development story to the investment public.


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